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Monday, August 31, 2009

Home Remedies for Boils

I've never had the experience myself but I have a sibling who had a boil when she was a child. Considering she had to lay on her stomach to avoid the pain of pressure on the boil located on her backside, I figured it must be unpleasant to have such a thing. For that reason, I thought a post on home remedies for boils seemed like a good idea.

Of course, as with anything, it's a good idea to think about how your diet may be contributing to what ails you. Chances are that a change of diet would help prevent another boil and help to heal the one you have now even faster.

If you do have a boil, I hope at least one of these home remedies helps you.

Birch Tree Bark Tea

Make a tea by putting 1 cup of birch bark into 1 quart of boiling water. Boil the mixture together for a few minutes, then cool and strain. Drink this tea throughout the day instead of drinking water. Continue until the condition improves.

Garlic Poultice

In case you missed the last posting, it was called, How to Make a Poultice. You can see how to go about it by clicking the title link in the preceding sentence.

You can draw the boil to a head by applying a chopped garlic poultice. All you need is some fresh garlic, chop it up and make your poultice. Change when poultice has dried and apply a fresh one. Repeat until the swelling has been drawn out. It is not recommended that you lance the boil as you invite the possibility of infection.

Make Your Own Capsules

Mix together equal parts of the following and put into #00 capsules. I always like to advise people to make sure that they are not allergic to any of these ingredients before taking.
  • cayenne peper
  • powdered lecithin
  • butcher's broom
  • apple pectin
Taking 2 of these daily with a multi vitamin B will work to improve the circulation and flush toxins from the body.

Plantain Leaf

Take one plantain leaf and hold under running hot water. Crush the leaf until it goes limp and place over the boil. Plantain is an astrigent.

Heartsease Pack

Hearts Ease is actually wild pansy. You'll need to grind it up before boiling. Let it cool to warm, then put it on the boil and bandage. Leave on overnight to draw the boil.

Bacon Pack

A small piece of fatty bacon can help bring your boil to a head. Just apply it to the inflammation, bandage and leave on overnight.

Easy Parsley Pack

This is one of the easiest home remedies for boils. Just crush a handful of fresh parsley and put into a cheesecloth. Apply it to the boil and wrap with a hot cloth. Leave it on for 15 minutes, then put a fresh pack on and repeat the process.

Good luck, hope these home remedies for boils contribute to your healing.


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