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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Home Remedies for Hives - Quick Tips

Sometimes, you just want to look something up fast, especially when you're suffering.  That's what the Quick Tips posts are for.  This particular post about home remedies for hives is meant to provide a quick reference to anyone who needs it.  When you are suffering from something this itchy and uncomfortable, you want to heal as quickly as possible but mostly, you want RELIEF!

Quick Tips 

Home Remedies for Hives

Cream of tartar can help sooth hives.  Just mix with a little water to make a paste and apply to reddened marks on the skin.

Cleanse the blood and bring circulation back to normal by drinking sassafras tea in place of water.  This should help to speed the healing of hives.

Witch hazel is good for pretty much any skin irritation.  Apply to hives for soothing relief.

Additional Tips
If you have the time, there are some more home remedies for hives in this video.  It promotes using chamomile and nettle teas.  I have not tried these remedies, so can't vouch for them.  If you do and find them effective, please let us know.

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